Thursday, August 15, 2013

When you feel overwhelmed by life...

This summer has been an absolute whirlwind. So many emotions, so many adventures. It's flown by so fast and yet there are still a few beautiful summer filled moments left. And it's these I have to try to hold onto.

I now have my second semester's work in my hands. And it terrifies me a little bit. I know college students all over the country are going back, and most have much harder classes than I do. I know this. But it still doesn't make me less nervous. I'm worried about achieving a good grade, and being able to keep up and all that academic jazz. I know you've heard it before. So I'm just throwing it out there.

Also adding to this crazy summer has been new adventures. It's been great and wonderful. I'm looking forward to just following God and see where He leads.

This summer I've seen incredible acts of God, experienced beautiful community with people, have had encouragement given to me by so many wonderful people (my family, my co-counselors, my friends...), and now here I stand at the edge of fall.

With new trials and troubles on the horizon, new adventures in the making, and just the feeling of being overwhelmed by life. It's terrifying, yet beautiful.

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