Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Minute Friday:Fill...

Five Minute Friday! My new favorite prompt of the week is here again. I love being able to be a part of this and the writers who share. Head over to Kate Motaung's site to read more about it!

Fill. Here we go:

There are times you look back on life, on the moments that it holds, and your heart feels so full that it's to the point of breaking. So much joy, so much pain, love and anger, laughter and tears. There are memories that you would rather forget and then there are the memories that you want to never forget. Either way, they have filled you, filled your heart. Memories serve as beautiful milestones.

There are times when my heart aches and I wish for times past. These memories shine like stars scattered and glittering across the vast expanse of my life. Some shine so brightly that every detail is a vivid reminder. Others glimmer, but are faded. Details are blurred but the beauty is still there.
These are all memories that our hearts, our hope, hold onto.

I often wish I had realized what was going on around me, how special that time was, when I experienced it. That I had seen the beauty beneath my fingertips. If going back were possible...

But perhaps that's what makes those memories shimmer so brightly, the fact that those days have come and gone and we must hold tightly to them before they slip away. Perhaps the reason that we can never appreciate the depth of beauty at the time is because we are growing. We can only see the beauty now because of where we are. We often weep for what is past but there is joy for having experienced it. These are the lights that are scattered throughout our lives, that God uses as guideposts to guide us home.

Let them fill you.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Begin

Five minute Friday: Begin.

The beautiful thing about beginnings is that they often come from endings. You cannot begin writing a new page to your story of life without ending one first. You cannot enjoy the beginning of a new day without recognizing the end of yesterday.

To begin is to start over, to create something new. Sometimes these beginnings are scary and terrifying, but they are often beautiful.

Today I woke up and spent some time with God. The world has seemed cold lately, with pain everywhere I would look. But God reminded me that in the darkest times, I never left His arms. And with that revelation I can begin again. I can see His new mercies and joys today because today is new. Today is a beginning. Yesterday is gone, and we do not have to live in yesterday.

We cannot appreciate where we are without realizing where we've been. What has brought us to this new journey.

And sometimes these new beginnings are moments for us to see the beauty of God in creating something. Sometimes beginnings are just enough to thank God for today that is full of adventure.

Every adventure has a beginning. Where will it lead?

 What is my beginning going to say today?