Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The things I've learned in 2014

It's so hard to believe another year has past. Another year is gone. As we all pause to take a deep breath and give 2104 one last glance, we're standing on the threshold of a new year. So here's a few of the things that I've taken away from this year:

1. To laugh at life. There were so many events this year that just taught me to enjoy the humor in life. Whether it was in light of our cabin ceiling caving in the same day as the t.v. blew up or spending the ALIVE festival (a Christian camping/band experience) in horrendous thunderstorms and 5 days of mud and flooded tents. God works even in those situations!

2. I'm beginning to learn to live in light of God's approval. Beginning to learn, trust me! But it's a start! For so long I've lived in fear, constantly striving for approval and perfection. It's been a fight to listen to the voice of God over all the noise, but the journey is so worth it. I'm learning to embrace life along the way.

3. That everyday life counts. I'm not going to lie, I still struggle with this. I thought that making my life mean something meant mission trips to other countries, or a big job, or getting married. But that isn't always the case. My life counts right now. Teaching preschoolers and my gymnastics team, going to church and school, making mistakes and learning how to stand again, facing my fears and following God. Every day counts. I can live for God's glory right here.

4. That hope is always there. Hope doesn't always have to be a lighthouse on the shore. Sometimes, it is just a small flickering flame guiding us through the dark. But hope is still there. There are times in life where that darkness seems to overtake, but God has been there showing me that small flame that has taken me through the dark. 

5. That I can overcome obstacles that at first looked impossible. I'm an introvert that has a tendency to learn towards fear. But this year I took over the competitive gymnastics program where I work and it has been a trial but it has been such a joy! I finally got my driver's license (I'm 23) because I was terrified of driving, but no more!

6. That nothing soothes my soul quite like a walk in the woods with my family. We went on quite a few adventures this year, but some of my happiest moments were simply soaking in the beauty of my Creator.

7. That 2014 has been a journey. There have been dark days but there have been beautiful days as well. God has brought me every step of the way and now I stand at the edge of 2015 ready for the year ahead.

Happy New Year everyone!