Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Remembering....When Christmas isn't all it's supposed to be.

When the Christmas season isn't all that you hoped it to be, when it seems the days grow long and the magic fades, when the joyful carols seem to be replaced with rushing and business, remember.

Remember that that first Christmas day was the birth of a hope towards something greater. It was the birth of hope itself. And that hope was Jesus.

 We all strive for the perfect Christmas, but when we fall short, and the cold seems to seep into very your heart, remember.

Remember that on the very first Christmas, there was uncertainty. There was a journey. Not everything went according to human planning, but there was a star that guided them. That star still guides us today because we know the Light of the World.

When your Christmas seems to fall apart and there is fighting and the food is burnt or the decorations aren't right, remember.

We all have these Christmases, even if no one discusses them. They may happen every once in awhile, or they may happen every year. You may face Christmas with disappointment or discouragement. Sometimes we all need this reminder. Myself included.  Just remember.

What is celebrated on Christmas is so much more than one day a year. It’s more than the tree, or the decorations, or the presents perfectly wrapped (or not so perfectly wrapped). It’s about the enduring hope. While we may feel as though the dark night will never end, there is a hope. 

There is the Light of World.  Hold on for we can hope in something greater than one day a year. We can place our hope in the very One that was born that day to save us all.

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