Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Battle of Dreams....

I didn’t realize that I was in a fight. I didn’t realize that I was engaged in full out battle on the front lines. But I was. And still am.

This battle isn’t fought with guns or hand grenades, but it’s no less deadly. You may not be hit with shrapnel, but your heart will be pierced with things just as sharp. In this fight, the sides are not always clear-cut. I often find myself on both sides, fighting as hard as I can and I’m simply fighting myself. Other times, I don’t realize that that I’ve been attacked and I’m defeated before I can get my defense up.
This is the battle of our dreams. Our God-given dreams that we have a heart and a passion for. I’ve never thought of it as a battle before tonight.  I have a dream that brings excitement that makes me feel alive. But I’m also my own undercover assassin. I start to dream, to let myself believe that changing the world is possible, and then I stop myself. With worries, with worldly cares. I dream to have my dreams torn apart by myself….
This is a battle I think we all go through. A spiritual battle that occurs more often than we think. It’s a battle between whether we’re going to take the God-given dream we have and step out in faith or if we’re going to listen as the world squashes those dreams. We have many adversaries against our dreams. We have the world whispering that we will never be good enough. We have the devil shouting that God would never want to use us. And often we have those closest to us telling us that we will fall, that we will fail. But there are also those along the way who spur us on, who pick us up when we fall. We just have to realize that this is a fight. And we’re all engaged.
I’ve been listening to the world, and myself and to lies for too long. I have believed that since I don’t have a college degree that I am of no use. I’ve believe that I’m only one person who could never make a difference. But God is whispering  something more. So much more. He has amazing dreams for us. But we have to fight for it. It’s an intense fight. A fight that will take you out as soon as you look away. But the good thing about this battle is that even you’re down, you feel as if it’s impossible to get back up, it’s not. When God said that we are more than conquerors, He meant it.

Let take down our dreams off the dusty shelves and start believing again. Let’s fight and let’s let God give us incredible, world changing dreams. Let’s do this. 

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