Friday, November 4, 2011

Here's to Everything We're Not...

I've been thinking about this subject alot lately.... Have you ever felt like everything you are simply isn't enough? I have....

As kids, we're told "To be yourself". Our parents have no doubtedly told us multiple times.
"Mom, what if the kids don't like me?"
"They'll love you, just be yourself."
Or maybe the conversation took a different tone as you got older.
"I'm nervous about this interview! What if I don't get the job?"
"You'll be fine. Just be yourself."
But we were never prepared when the world would tell us that 'being ourself' was not enough....

We encounter this message everywhere we go today. Magazines on the latest wrinkle cream, diet, fad, fashion and sports team. Because the laugh lines, those few extra pounds, your out of style clothes and the team you cheer for is just simply not enough....This is the stuff we encounter everyday. Even when we deny it's effects on us, we aren't realizing the damage it's slowly doing.
    Comparison....It's a deadly game that leaves it's unwilling participants with bruised and bleeding hearts. We have all felt it's side effects: I'm not pretty enough, smart enough, cool enough, rich enough-the list could go on and on and on. The world is looking for something more, something better. I find myself getting caught up in the cycle and soon I feel as if I'm drowning. Like I'm in a maze and every corner I turn I'm faced with a mirror showing me everything that I'm not.
So as Christians, where does this leave us? I could spew out verse after verse about how we're supposed to be comfortable Christians and not care. But it really comes down to this isn't our home. We're like aliens. Landing on a different planet as a stop on our way home. And aliens never really fit in anyway. We don't need to be enough for this world. Because we're enough for Jesus and He's more than enough for us. Let's stop trying to be someone we're not. I'm tired of not being good enough....There is no simple answer to this. I wish there was. But in life, simple answers are rare. But there's one that drowns out every other: Jesus. :)

And you know that maze? Well God's ready to pull us out as soon as we say the word.

What do you think? What is everything that you're not?


  1. Great thoughts. I often struggle with "being myself" and learning/discerning what can be feasibly changed/improved about myself. It's a tough line to walk but ultimately Christ meets us wherever we are, every time. And that gives me great hope for the rest of this life.

  2. Thank you! It is a tough line to walk, but like you said, Jesus is the hope that we can hold onto!